April 24, 2014   8 notes

"Morpheus Turns Off"

I slept through the most
compelling words I’d
ever hear. No thanks
to viral apathy, of course.

I don’t regret it, for I can’t
miss what I never had.

How peaceful it was to
hear and hear, but not
process a single thing
or remember a thing.

April 23, 2014   8 notes

"What is Just?

The American justice system
To me, is merely legal revenge.

And Hell, the eternal punishment,
Is only a very hot, very large jail.

What is a just consequence for purposeful evil? Or for a mistake?

April 22, 2014   8 notes


The hard question is:
What is gone?
The hard answer is:
I don’t know.

Do you define what is lost by the
hole it leaves in your heart?

April 16, 2014   6 notes

I’ll be the first to admit
I am sick with retribution.

Winter took me for itself,
And I’ve been opened up
Too many times to count.

Maybe screaming won’t
Bring justice, but silence
Especially won’t.

April 15, 2014   5 notes

I will die unto myself
For truth

April 4, 2014   4 notes

Let’s steal history.
I am obsessed with the past.
You remember me?

April 4, 2014   6 notes

Dedicated to my Grandma Hawkins

My ancestress, gone.
Without me, though not alone.
Bone into ashes.

March 27, 2014   3 notes

Welcome to Nightvale is so awesome and cool and lately it’s been inspiring me to write.

March 27, 2014   33 notes



My heart beats in a marathon
On a narrow path
That is as long as my strength

When idealism can’t
Be reconciled with reality
I wonder if it feels doubt

Is that what causes
The occasional tickle
In between my lungs?

it turned out to be heart palpitations…

March 27, 2014   10 notes

Something is burning…
Name your hell, say it aloud
Before it brands you

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